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Thursday, December 30

Heyy .
smiling while taip-ing this post :)

2010 is full of memory . 
I will never forget about everything I have done in this year :)
I had learn a lot of things 
this is my year . nd I am fuckin  it :)
the most thing that I memorised is 
*of course about my result :) .
*my atitude is already transform from rude girl to a nice one .
<for me lahh . i admit it because I is I . no one can change me if 
i not change myself>
*the first person I love in my life is ALLAH
*the second one of course my family :)
*and the third is totally to all my beloved friends :)
<before this is not like that>
*the person that I most admire in my life came to me :D but he's not mine 


now 2011 come so clost to me :)
i hope that 2011 also be a meaningfull year for me . 
i really hope it . 
be my year oke baby :)
i pray everything will be fine . 
this is the year that i have to move one step front in my life .
i must let you go even my heart said NO .
i want to be a better person in this year . 
promise :)
the most one is please go SHY atitude . i dont like it . 
i'll be the other person . but it still mine . only my behave is
more sopan :)

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