#we are the roses without torn <3 They are my Everything :)

Thursday, December 30

td aku on fb . ade notification dr Rafiqah Hakima :) skaly dea post ny dkat wall aku . ingat ape daa . haha . tp takpe I LOVE IT . auchhhh auchhhh . hahaha

SEND this ( ) to anyone you dont want to  
 lose in 2011 , include me if u like . collect 12 hearts , its not easy :)

you know what, I want to post this to your wall . meawww meawww . heeee . my heart really want to do it . BUT my hand is to heavy to click your name, paste and post it . hahahaha . I dont know why . hahaha . I am to shy to do it . but I want you to know that I really2 want it :-* :-*


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