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Monday, November 21

MZK :)

MR. BINOCULAR , aku nk tdo ny . nk mimpi kw . thx cause make my night happy . I hope this happiness will never ends . awak , ouh awak :) tonight will be the night that I will fall for you . over again dont make me change my mind . heehee~ . this night is sparkling , dont you let it go . im wonder stuck , blushing all the way home . i'll keep forever wondering if you knew I WAS ENCHNTED TO MEET YOU . damn , damn , damn , what I do to have you here here here , i wish you were here . damn , damn , damn , what I do to have you near near near , I WISH YOU WERE HERE :*
saya nk awk tw yang saya suka awak , zuzu :D

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